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Rio's Retrograde Reminders

Do to the difference in orbital rates and shapes of the planets of our solar system, we perceive the motion of the planets in two ways. One is called direct, in which the planets move farther to the west each day. The other is called retrograde, in which the planets seem to slow down and then move farther to the east each day. With the exception of the sun and the Earth's Moon, all the planets periodically turn retrograde. When they do, we have the opportunity to express their energies in more personal ways. Here are the dates when each planet turns retrograde and then direct this year and the strategies we can employ that will enable us to use their influence in positive and productive ways.

January 8, 2017: Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius. Since Mercury turned retrograde on December 19, it has been time to work on improving and refining practical systems. Now is time to move creatively forward to implement those corrections.

February 5, 2017: Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra. This is a good opportunity to review relationship behaviors to ensure that what we are doing is honest, joyful and in tune with our relationship needs. It may be necessary to temporarily disturb a seemingly harmonious relationship in order to move it onto a more authentic and fulfilling path.

March 4, 2017: Venus turns retrograde in Aries. Venus likes to be harmonious, Aries likes to be assertive. This is an opportunity to make sure that our relationship patterns are self-affirming without a veneer of entitlement. This is also a good time to review long-range financial strategies. Self-awareness and internal change are the focal points rather than taking steps in new directions.

April 5, 2017: Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius. Is our path to higher mind growth, academically or philosophically, stagnant? Are we being too demanding that others agree with our path? Are we following the dogma of someone who is actually promoting their own prominence rather than true consciousness development? These are some points to ponder at this time.

April 9, 2017: Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus. The first two times Mercury retrogrades this year it will be in an earth sign. It then goes direct in a fire sign. This pattern suggests initial review or research of things in practical ways, or dealing with practical issues first. This could be followed with bursts of creativity and confidence in both your thinking and communicating. During this retrograde Mercury, being more methodical in our thinking allows us to develop a deeper understanding of them. In particular, focus on practical thinks that we value. This is also a good time to update mental habits.

April 15, 2017: Venus turns direct in Pisces. Now is the time to start implementing changes in our social behaviors as well as updating our financial strategies. Emphasis could be on compassion and devotion in the former. The latter could prioritize philanthropy and generosity.

April 20, 2017: Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn. This is a good time for spring- cleaning. This could pertain to possessions or goals, relationships or emotions. Reviewing previous decisions that we have made and how we are following through enables us to ensure that our life path is moving in directions that are authentic and meaningful.

May 3, 2017: Mercury turns direct in Aries. This is a good time for creative self-expression. Through either the spoken or written word, let others know our intellectual interests and points of view. Being direct, even if a times opinionated, is a good way to let other know who we are. It's also a good way to hear ourselves and to refine our thinking.

June 9, 2017: Jupiter turns direct in Libra. This is a time for expansion of joyful, harmonious social interactions. Creating or taking advantage of new relationship opportunities may also accompany this shift. Be careful not to gloss over problems by taking an attitude that everything is just fine.

June 15, 2017: Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces. This is a good time to deepen your personal connection to Divine Source. Increasing meditation time or frequency, spending more time in nature or being more creatively self-expressive are some methodologies that can enhance the potential of this transit.

August 2, 2017: Uranus turns retrograde in Aries. This is a good time to test our sense of personal freedom. Tuning in to find inspiration and seeing how that can impel us to begin new projects and new behaviors is one way to ensure that we are doing this. Noticing ways that you are too attached to the familiar or too rebellious suggests that we are not.

August 12, 2017: Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo. This is a time to both change our ways of thinking as well as our ways of dealing with practical issues. This is not a good time to sign documents or buy a new piece of technology. It is, however, good to research both legal situations and new toys and tools to be purchased in the future.

August 25, 2017: Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius. This is the final time Saturn will retrograde in Sagittarius before it enters Capricorn. This is a time to set long-term higher minded goals, spiritually or academically. Hopefully, we have freely chosen them and not allowed ourselves to be coerced by anyone else. If we feel grounded and hopeful in our intentions, we are probably on the right track.

September 5, 2017: Mercury turns direct in Leo. After a period of research and review, this is a good time to pursue new intellectual or technological directions. Implementing new investment strategies could also be appropriate. This is a good time to engage in enjoyable creative projects.

September 28, 2017: Pluto turns direct in Capricorn. This is a time to actualize activities that we have been researching and feel passionate about. Hopefully this is something important that may take time to fully implement. Patience is key, as is the importance of keeping our eye on the goal as the activity or project develops.

November 11, 2017: Neptune turns direct in Pisces. After a period of feeling closely aligned with our inner being, and with Divine Spirit, it is time to integrate newfound spiritual or creative inspiration in more over ways. Unrealistic idealism or deceptive thinking will be revealed from this point of view. Letting go of these things can enhance true spiritual growth.

December 2, 2017: Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius. This is a good time to review a philosophy of life. It could be spiritual, political or sociological. The focus of review should be on noting which parts of the path evolved independently and which are influenced by outside sources. Bringing others' thinking, beliefs or dogma into alignment with your true perspectives are the work of this transit.

December 22, 2017: The year ends with Mercury turning direct in Sagittarius, signaling a good time to establish our intellectual plans for the New Year. Big picture, conceptual thinking can provide a perspective that can enhance our learning and growth in the future.