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Class & Lecture Schedule 2018

Tuesday Nite Schedule

May - August 2018

May 1: How the Horoscope Reflects Our Life Path
May 8: The Significance of The Outer Planets Transiting Yin Signs
May 15: Uranus Transiting into Taurus
May 22: Interpreting Saturn in the Four Elements
May 29: Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

June 5: The Asteroid Goddesses
June 12: The Phases of the Moon
June 19: The Effects of Retrograde Natal Planets on Personality
June 26: Mars is Out of Bounds and Turns Retrograde in Aquarius

July 3: Profections The Earliest Concept of Progressions
July 10: The Power of Pluto
July 17: The Twelfth House: Karmic Debts or Karmic Tools?
July 24: The Quincunx Aspect and the Finger of God
July 31: The Cosmic Cross July 25-August 1

August 7: The Fifth-Eleventh House Axis
August 14: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Crossing Angles
August 21: How the Transits Provide Business and Financial Guidance and Timing
August 28: Horary Astrology

Held at New Horizons School
827 Third St., Santa Rosa, CA
7-9 PM Every Week
MP3 files of each class available ($5)

See the archive of past classes and purchase MP3s


Rio Olesky