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Class & Lecture Schedule 2018

Perspectives for 2019

Rio Olesky's Annual Astrological Evening

Global democracy is being threatened. Traditional alliances are being challenged. The United States will have a divided Congress for the next two years. Welcome to 2019! The planetary alignments provide clues about what to expect as well as ways to respond in order to promote peace and well being for all.

Date: Tuesday January 8, 2019
Time: 7 - 9 PM
Place: Luther Burbank Center, Carston Caberet
Admission: $15 – Payable at the door


Intermediate Astrology Class

If you have studied the basics of astrology and have a rudimentary understanding of the planets, signs and houses, this is the next step in your astrological education. In this class Rio will provide a practical, step by step way to understand the relative strength of each planet in a natal horoscope. He will discuss the nature of the aspects and how to work with them. Finding the strengths of a natal chart and working with them as well as discovering its challenges and how to work through them will be a focus as he teaches you how to interpret a natal horoscope. He will also discuss the principles of following and personalizing transits, progressions and solar arcs.

The class is offered through Community Education so there are no requirements to take the class nor any college credits earned for taking it. The class fee is $64.

Class to be held on Wednesday evenings, January 23-February 27, 2019 from 7-9 PM, 1910 Bech Hall at Santa Rosa Junior College.

To register, call 707-527-4582 or register on–line at

Tuesday Nite Schedule

January-April 2019

January 8: PERSEPCTIVES 2019 at Luther Burbank
January 15: What to Look for When Following Transits
January 22: The Saturn Cycle
January 29: Saturn-Pluto Aspects, Natally and by Transit

February 5: An Alaskan Natal Chart in Different House Systems
February 12: Hellenistic Concepts: The Doctrine of Sects
February 19: Hellentistic Concepts: Bontification, Maltreatment and Overcoming
February 26: Sexuality Revealed in the Natal Chart

March 5: How to Interpret a Natal Chart
March 12: How to Interpret a Natal Chart
March 19: The Grand Trine
March 26: The Grand Square

April 2: Water Houses, Including the Nadir
April 9: Earth Houses, Including the Midheaven
April 14: Chart Shapes: The Bowl
April 23: NO CLASS
April 30: The Vertex, Anaretic Degrees and Out of Bounds Planets

Held at New Horizons School
827 Third St., Santa Rosa, CA
7-9 PM Every Week
MP3 files of each class available ($5)

See the archive of past classes and purchase MP3s


Rio Olesky