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Types of Horoscope Readings

Natal Horoscope

A natal horoscope is a picture of the planets of our solar system, their relationship to each other and to the earth, on the day, month, year, time and place a person was born. Each horoscope is unique. Reading the natal horoscope provides an in depth analysis of the primary energy patterns and traits available throughout your lifetime. It discusses the tools and resources you have to work with and the tensions and challenges to be resolved in all areas of life and on many levels of consciousness. A natal reading is appropriate if you are getting to know yourself better through personal process work or simply want to understand certain fundamental parts of your life more clearly. The reading is oriented toward personal growth, empowerment and self-directed behavioral changes. This reading is a one hour session. Price: $125.

Update Horoscope

An update reading includes both transits and progressions. The reading takes into consideration the cycles of each of the planets and how they are affecting you at present and in the near future. It is based on the fundamental patterns and influences of the natal chart. It discusses opportunities for change that are personal and internal as well as those that are stimulated by interaction with others. It delineates the energies available that offer new opportunities for personal growth. Specific issues that require choices in the present are highlighted. An update reading is appropriate if you are faced with or want to initiate changes in your life. This reading is a one hour session. Price: $125.

Combination Reading

This reading combines the most significant features of your natal horoscope with the highlights of the patterns of present time. This is a one hour session. Price: $125.

Relationship Reading

A relationship reading is the method of assessing the strengths and weakness of a relationship or family using two different forms of chart comparison. The first, called synastry, involves comparing and contrasting two horoscopes. First, we introduce each person to their partnerís horoscope. Then we also explore specific areas of relationship and what each person brings to it in terms of what they need and what they offer. This will indicate the strengths of the relationship and ways of developing them. It will also point out areas of difficulty and suggest ways of overcoming them. We also look at the composite chart, which is an integration of the two natal charts. The composite chart is a chart of the relationship. We can also use the composite chart for timing events such as moving, buying property, getting married or starting a business. This reading is a 90 minute session. Price: $200 for two people, $20 for each additional person.

Children's Natal Horoscope

A natal horoscope reading for your child will help you to be more conscious in your parenting. Learn which areas are appropriate for you to direct your child toward and in which areas you should be more patient and accepting. This enables you and the child to be more comfortable with his/her path in life. This is a one hour session. Price $125.


This is a method of putting your natal chart on a map. Itís very helpful for locating places in the world most beneficial to achieve you desired goals professionally, socially or spiritually. It is also useful in seeing how influences have shifted from your place of birth to your place of residence. To move or not to move and, if so, where? This is a one hour session. Price $125.

All readings are by appointment only and can take place in person, by mail or on the phone.

All readings recorded on MP3.

Chart casting service: $5 per printout.

Prices are subject to change.