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The Wheel of Light

Monthly Newsletter - October 2013

This month 5 planets, including the Sun and Moon, will transit through the sign Scorpio. One of the most complex and intense of the 12 signs, Scorpio tends to get a lot of bad press. It’s not that what most people think about Scorpio is wrong. It’s more that there is little understanding about its nature. Each of the signs contributes something vitally significant to the human experience. What Scorpio contributes is the process of transformation and, through it, an understanding of eternal life.

Most signs are associated with a totem – an animal that embodies the nature and exhibits qualities of the sign. Scorpio has 4 totems. Each one defines a part of the Scorpionic nature. The totems in turn reflect octaves of expression and do not exist sequentially. That is, one is not born as one and continues on to the other 3 in linear fashion. They are, rather, manifestations of one’s centerdness. If one is off center, with low self-esteem, the lower 2 octaves predominate. If one is more centered and self-loving, the higher octaves are present.

The lowest octave of Scorpio is represented by the scorpion. This is an animal that lives where its dark and damp. The female has been observed destroying and devouring her mate upon completion of mating. If she is hungry when the eggs hatch, she might eat her young. This reflects the privacy that Scorpio prefers which can lead to secrecy. If they are disturbed or feel threatened they can lash out belligerently like the scorpion who attacks. One reason they may feel threatened is that one of the secrets Scorpio holds is the depth and degree of their emotional vulnerability. They are as sensitive as they can be passionate, and fear that if others know this, they could be at risk for being attacked and having their sensitivity used against them. Hunkering down in the swamp, however, merely perpetrates the image that they are dangerous, hence more likely to, in fact, be attacked. This is the part of their nature that is generally known about Scorpio.

The second totem is a human being. This reflects the fact that Scorpios can be very nurturing, protective and family oriented. They will do anything they can to enhance the security, both emotional and financial, of those they love. This is not a higher octave, however, because they can also use the family to provide them with their own security. The family needs and values become their own. This type of co-dependency limits their growth and can lead to controlling or domineering patterns of behavior in relationship to their family. Scorpio is known as a fixed sign and, as such, is oriented toward stability and security. When off-center, they may feel as if their security comes from emotionally controlling those close to them. One form of emotional control can come through money. Scorpio is the sign of collective financial resources, which could include family legacy and inheritance. Our lives will be transformed by inheriting money. Although there is a definite upside to this level of Scorpionic behavior, it is often manipulative.

The third of Scorpionic manifestation is called Uroboros, which is a serpent or dragon biting its own tail. This is an ancient image that depicts the pursuit of knowledge and mystical wisdom. Scorpio is one of the most mystical of the twelve signs. By extension, it can also be oriented toward science and research. In either context, Scorpio is curious about the nature of life. It asks questions such as, “why are we here” and “what is the meaning of life”? The research can be in an academic subject or simply within and about themselves. One way to experience transformation is through continuous personal process work. Scorpio at this level always asks “why”? Regardless of the answer, the next question is the same. They seek a true understanding of universal law and truth. As they come to deeper understanding of these issues, a real and lasting sense of security begins to manifest. This is not security based on control, possessions or money but upon a true understanding of their place in the universal scheme of things.

Scorpio is also a relational sign. It’s playful and romantic like Leo, or affectionate like Taurus or thoughtful and considerate like Libra. What it needs in relationship is emotional honesty, bonding and trust. An off-center Scorpio can open up too soon, feel too vulnerable then run away. Or, they might be too demanding in trying to get someone else to open up to them. Transformation can occur, however, by each person opening up in turn to each other in sensitive, honest and heartfelt ways. We transform through this process even as the relationship itself does.

The fourth and highest octave of Scorpio is expressed through the totem of the eagle or phoenix. The latter is a bird that was said to rise from the ashes of death. This reminds us that Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. This is a continuous process that ends only with the enlightenment or god-realization of the individual. Prior to that, we die are reborn, die and are reborn. This can be from one life to another or many, many times within one life. The off-center Scorpio experiences this through a constant series of “crisis, crash and burn” which can be devastating, cyclical and lead to painful losses. The centered Scorpio experiences a similar process in a more conscious and deliberate way. This type of transformation is like a spiral. We deliberately release and let go of those parts of ourselves and our lives that we have outgrown. It’s like a molting process. When we let go of the old and outmoded we are free to create the fresh and meaningful. The phoenix symbolizes the new birth leaving behind that which is outmoded.

The eagle is the only animal I know of that looks directly into the Sun without becoming blind. This symbolizes a person who is at one with the Divine Light: a person who has transformed all lower desires and seeks only to generate love and radiance. This is a difficult place to attain and few Scorpios or anybody else, get there. But it is just as much a part of their nature and their potential as the scorpion in the swamp. No doubt there are times when an individual Scorpio has at least brushed against this part of their being. The trick is to be able to know when one is there and remain in that state as long as possible, thereby doing tremendous good in the world.

It may be easy to relate to a Scorpio. It’s also not easy being one. They are constantly moving from one octave to another. One part of them is dying while another is being reborn. The death and rebirth pattern they can manifest outwardly is always going on inwardly as well. So we shouldn’t dismiss this sign in a simplistic or critical fashion. In its own way it embodies the very nature and power of life that it often tries so hard to understand.

AriesAries (March 21-April 20)
Aries: The full Moon in Aries on the 18th could bring previously unexpressed feelings to the surface. It’s best to access and reveal emotions prior to that date in order to avoid impulsive actions that could hurt others’ feelings or leave you more vulnerable than necessary.

TaurusTaurus (April 21-May 21)
Taurus: This is a good time to contemplate and discuss financial issues with your partner. For once you may tend to be more idealistic than realistic, or be more willing to take some financial risks. Be open to others’ perspectives and be willing to make compromises. You may actually find a bigger or more long range view that needs to balanced with practical planning.

GeminiGemini (May 22-June 21)
Gemini: This is a good time for research and re-analysis at work. Strive to become more proficient in certain technical aspects of your job with the intention of becoming more efficient and productive. You could also research health issues, both in terms of preventing or healing illness.

CancerCancer (June 22-July 22)
Cancer: The new Moon on the 4th is a good time to spend with family or at home. New beginnings in domestic and relational activities are a good focus. The full Moon on the 18th is a good time for a previously launched project at work to take a new turn or come to fruition.

LeoLeo (July 23-August 23)
Leo: Your patience could be tested this month in two ways. In early month unexpected events require an effective response rather than an extreme reaction. Later month challenges you to be open and honest in expressing deeply felt emotions rather than just clamming up or trying to maintain a light-hearted attitude.

VirgoVirgo (August 24-Sept 22)
Virgo: Get a lot of physical activity, especially from mid-month on. Your physical energy level could be very high and the activity could release anger that may otherwise be directed quite intensely and impulsively at others. At the same time, however, this is a good time to come out of your shell, being less modest than usual and letting others know where you stand.

LibraLibra (Sept 23-Oct 23)
Libra: This is a good time to start a project that pertains to personal growth. Emphasis or focus could be on getting more in touch with and becoming more comfortable dealing with your personal, emotional life. Growth can come from responding to familiar situations in new and more authentic ways.

ScorpioScorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
Scorpio: Balance is key for you this month. Spend some time focusing inward and doing deep research on personal issues. This is a good time to gain clarity and insight into old emotional wounds. Other time can be focused on sharing what you learn with those close to you who you trust and who care.

SagittariusSagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)
Sagittarius: This is a good time to be open to new social situations. This could also include expanding the focus or direction of a ongoing relationship. Harmony, diplomacy and tact, not qualities usually associated with Sagittarius, are strong for you this month.

CapricornCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Capricorn: This is a good time to clear up old, gnarly issues with friends or colleagues. Spend some time getting clear about your perspective and how you want to present it to the other person. This is not going to be a quick conversation, so make a date and take the time to get clear with each other. If you feel vulnerable in this process you’re on the right track.

AquariusAquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19)
Aquarius: This is a good time to research ways of getting ahead professionally. This could be anything from renewing your motivation to reinventing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. It’s not necessarily a time to act on the results of the research, but it’s a good time to get clear about what you’re going to do in the future.

PiscesPisces (Feb 20-March 20)
Pisces: Communication could be a feature of this month if you are successfully integrating analytical thinking with intuitive awareness. Otherwise thoughts could be confused and communication would reveal that state of mind. Confusion could also lead to misplaced aggression – taking your anger out on the wrong person at the wrong time and place.

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