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The Wheel of Light

Monthly Newsletter - September 2022

The most challenging aspect in 2021 was a square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. It began in January and lasted all year. This year that transit has been in a “shadow stage”. It hasn’t really been actively connected, but it’s not over either. This month, through November, that aspect will be back. By the end of the year, however, that square will be over for the next 45 years.

The main challenge is the interplay between the forces of the progressive (Uranus and Aquarius) and the forces of the conservative (Saturn and Taurus). The divisiveness we’ve experienced, both here and abroad, reflects that classic conflict. This has manifested politically from January 6 to the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the denying women control over their bodies. Economically it has ranged from inflation to record profits by petroleum companies. Environmentally we are seeing higher temperatures, more drought and firestorm seasons that simply don’t end. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and depressed during these times.

The square is a tension producing aspect that challenges us to integrate two energies (the planets) that are being expressed (the signs) in conflicting ways. We may feel more connected to the nature of the one of the planets so we could choose to just express that one and suppress the other. Unfortunately, that just adds to the conflict without any resolution. The problem with the square still exists. The way out is to create a new behavior that integrates the difficult combination into a third, new option.

One factor that increases the challenge is the more conservative planet (Saturn) is in the more progressive sign (Aquarius) and the more progressive planet (Uranus) is the more conservative sign (Taurus). As previously mentioned in this space, it’s hard to decipher which external force is truly seeking the new and is open to change and which is actually pulling us back into the past. One way out, and a way to use this challenge as an opportunity for personal growth, is to work on this problem internally. The world is going to do what the world is going to do. None of us has the power to determine the outcome of any of these situations. What we do have the potential to do is assess how these conflicting forces are playing out in our own lives. For example, let’s look at Saturn in Aquarius. As one of the co-rulers of the sign, Saturn has power here. Aquarius can be inspired, inclusive, experimental, unique and comfortable with change. It is the sign of the social collective. But it can also be extreme, aloof, emotionally unavailable, radical and unpredictable. Saturn is the energy of personal responsibility and productivity, but also the energy of fear and limitation. So, we can either take responsibility to integrate ourselves into social activities that are focused on producing the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Or we could be afraid that the group could limit our freedom and strive to control others instead. The choice is to either establish an egalitarian social order that is designed to ensure our freedom as well as that of others, or set up a hierarchy that is oriented to keeping me and mine in control. Growth comes from focusing on liberating ourselves in ways that are conscious and conscientious without trying to force our definition of reality onto others.

Uranus’ job is to help us to explore, experiment with and express our uniqueness and individuality. It can also impel us to change for the sake of change. Change that is prompted by boredom or the desire to impress others by simply being strange or doing very strange things. Taurus is probably the most cautious, deliberate and conservative of the signs. It can help us to create and maintain a stable, dependable, comfortable material plane reality. But it can also keep us stuck in old habits and routines. They keep us stable, all right, but at the price of growth and change. The transit of Uranus in Taurus can help us to get unstuck. We can observe our habits in objective ways that enable us to see if our routines align with our values. If they do, great. Keep them. However, if they exist as a diversion to keep us from seeing things in our lives that are uncomfortable to deal with, we should be open to changing them. This is a great transit for liberating ourselves from conventional lifestyles or personal choices that have outlived their benefits.

As we liberate ourselves from either societal agreements or limiting personal habits, we can also support others in the same process. We can strive to function as liberated, self-actualizing people working in a social context that supports others engaged in a similar process. There will be many extreme and unexpected changes manifesting in the world in the next few years. Working to resolve the challenges of the Saturn-Uranus square internally and personally is a good way to respond to those challenges in healthy, creative and effective ways.

AriesAries (March 21-April 20)
Aries: This is a good time for social interactivity. One element of that could be for enjoyment. But another, more meaningful way of functioning now, is to use the social opportunities to share your ideas and personal truths with others even as you remain open to learning from others as well.

TaurusTaurus (April 21-May 21)
Taurus: Two points of focus for you this month. One is creative expression. This could be in the arts or creating an event that others as well as you can enjoy. The second point is to seek opportunities for consciousness expansion. Ideally, the two would coincide so that whatever you do for fun can also be utilized as a vehicle for higher mind growth.

GeminiGemini (May 22-June 21)
Gemini: This is a time for physical activity. This could be a seasonally appropriate activity like gardening or swimming. It could also take the form of working out or just walking. This is also a good time to initiate a conversation or a new study as the potential for higher consciousness growth is quite strong.

CancerCancer (June 22-July 22)
Cancer: The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th is a good time to focus inward seeking new transcendent awareness. The New Moon in Libra on the 25th is more a time for social activity and an emphasis on the arts.

LeoLeo (July 23-August 23)
Leo: Your ruling planet, the Sun, is crossing the equator on the 22nd, an annual event we call the Autumnal Equinox. This is a time to work on creating balance in your life. Your inherent playfulness should be tempered with productive, responsible activities. Yet your drive for security should be spiced by doing things as creatively as possible.

VirgoVirgo (August 24-Sept 22)
Virgo: This is a period of review, focusing primarily on yourself. Deepen your sense of mindfulness. Are you walking your talk? Are your ideals providing you with a sense of direction, refining your thoughts and actions through daily activities? Or are they excuses to be self-critical, preventing both clear understanding and productive endeavors? Getting clear on issues such as these can promote both growth and consciousness development in the future.

LibraLibra (Sept 23-Oct 23)
Libra: This is a good time for quiet introspection. Time alone in meditation, retreat or simply walking on the beach can enable you to tap into insights and realizations about the nature of life and your place in it. When socializing, avoid idealized or romantic projections onto others. Rely on your intuition to see the truth of who others are.

ScorpioScorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
Scorpio: From mid to late month meaningful and harmonious connections with others should be accessible. Anyone from neighbors to friends or colleagues could provide opportunities to either do something productive together, or simply be available to enjoy a pleasant social activity.

SagittariusSagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)
Sagittarius: Early month provides physical energy for sports, adventures or working out. Mid to late month the focus could be more about sharing what you know with others. Creative writing or telling jokes or stories could be ways of utilizing the energy at that time.

CapricornCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Capricorn: This a time to try new things. The less they resemble anything you would normally be interested in is a good place to start. Mid-month in particular opens a door for new beginnings. Social situations, new relationships or pre-existing, offer good opportunities for new behaviors.

AquariusAquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19)
Aquarius: This is a good time to focus on practical matters. Mid-month could offer a period of harmonious transitioning into new attitudes about things you normally may not do or enjoy doing. Growth for you can come from learning how to maintain your individuality even as you conform to external expectations.

PiscesPisces (Feb 20-March 20)
Pisces: The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th opens the door to deep spiritual and psychological insights and inspirations. Your intuition should be working overtime providing you with clarity. This is a good time for a retreat or at least an extra-long meditation.

Rio Olesky has been studying astrology since 1967 and has been a practicing professional astrologer since 1976. The author of Astrology and Consciousness, A Manual for the Modern Mystic, and The Astroreader, Rio offers weekly classes through Zoom. You can call Rio at 707-887-1820. Check out his website:

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