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The Wheel of Light

Monthly Newsletter - July 2014

There are two significant astrological events taking place this month. Neither are as powerful as the Grand Square that took place in April, but they are important nonetheless. They involve transits of Mars and Jupiter into new signs.

Normally it takes Mars about two months to move through a sign. This year, however, Mars turned retrograde on March 1 and remained in that direction until May 19. Before a planet changes direction it slow down. As a result of this disruption in its normal rate of speed, it took Mars seven months to move through Libra. On July 25 Mars enters Scorpio and remains there until mid-September. Mars is not comfortable in Libra, which is called the sign of Marsí detriment. When a planet is in its detriment it feels constrained, as if it canít really express its inherent nature. Mars is about bold, independent, courageous action. It likes to take initiative in starting new projects or having new adventures. It is physical, sexual and athletic. Libra, however, is about harmonious social interaction. It prefers consensus to independence and aesthetics to action. Diplomacy is prioritized with Mars in Libra, taking risks is not.

Mars is in its dignity in Scorpio. That is, it can express itself purely, authentically and affectively in that sign. Whereas Libra tends to be more refined, Scorpio is more raw. Libra is social, Scorpio is emotional. Mars represents forceful energy; it is the drive wheel of the zodiac. While our interaction with others may have been restrained in certain ways the past few months, we can anticipate things breaking open and being more revealed or simply more real over the next two. This is a good time to deal with our inner self and to let others in on how weíre feeling. But be careful. We should only share those parts of ourselves to the degree that we trust the listener to be sensitive to our vulnerabilities.

Jupiter changes sign each year. It has been in Cancer since June 2013 and enters Leo July 16th. Jupiter enjoys being in Cancer, which is the sign of its exaltation. By nature Jupiter is open, enthusiastic, optimistic and humorous. In Cancer Jupiter expands the warmth and nurturing of this sign of the mother. It prioritizes activities in the home and with the family. Jupiter is in Cancer in the chart of the United States and over the past year we have seen stabilization, toward expansion, of our economy, especially in terms of real estate values.

Jupiter in Leo is a time to enjoy life and to feel good. This would be a good time to express ourselves creatively, to expand the time we spend on hobbies or to give or attend parties. Our feelings of love, both romantic and with children can grow and bring us powerful feelings of joy. Gratitude prayers may come flowing through our minds. The downside of all this can be a tendency to see only the good in someone or something. For example, both Leo and Jupiter enjoy sports. One could overextend and get injured. Leo and Jupiter also like to gamble. This could be at the casino or in the stock market. Sometimes our optimistic enthusiasm can blind us from problems or the possibility of losses. Similarly, romantic feelings can lead us into affairs that are more about lust than love. Or, we could spend so much time and resources on having fun that we donít put enough time into serious or purposeful activities.

One of the things we had the opportunity to learn during the very long time that Mars was in Libra is the value of balance. Mars likes to act, Libra likes to act in harmony. If we took advantage of that opportunity, we can enjoy and benefit from the Jupiter in Leo transit without concern that we could go overboard in some way or area. We will remember to balance play with work, love with sex, adventure with caution, self-expression with humility. In these ways the yearlong transit of Jupiter through Leo can be a time of enjoyment and living our lives to their utmost potential.

AriesAries (March 21-April 20)
Aries: After months of frustrating setbacks, you may feel as if now is the time to act. It is, but be careful. Scorpio is an intense, passionate sign. Trying to make up for what may feel like lost time can lead to impulsive behavior. New beginnings are often best when done slowly, otherwise you may blow up the very thing you waited so long to do.

TaurusTaurus (April 21-May 21)
Taurus: Your often laid back nature may get a wake up call, especially around mid-month. Bringing secrets out of the closet and sharing them with a partner could lead to some unpleasant confrontations. But it could also lead to clearing the air and opening the relationship to truth and ultimately greater meaning and intimacy.

GeminiGemini (May 22-June 21)
Gemini: Relying on a combination of intuitive insight and well thought out ideas could help you avoid power struggles based on miscommunication. Your feelings could be on the surface this month, so try to avoid being so emotionally identified with your ideas that confusion results.

CancerCancer (June 22-July 22)
Cancer: The full Moon in Capricorn on the 12th can help you to define and qualify feelings about an important relationship. The new Moon in Leo can expand feelings of love, joy and well being. This is a good time to simply be in the present.

LeoLeo (July 23-August 23)
Leo: This could be a marvelous, magical month for you. Feelings of stability join with a sense of joyful adventure to kick off a time of expressiveness and fun. The key is to make sure you are not trying to do too much or be too much for those around you.

VirgoVirgo (August 24-Sept 22)
Virgo: Although Virgo is not usually thought of as a social sign, this is a month when many interesting, even provocative, social activities may present themselves. Growth comes from taking advantage of them. Some could be gentle, some more challenging. They can all be useful mirrors in being able to see yourself in new and interesting ways.

LibraLibra (Sept 23-Oct 23)
Libra: This is a month to go from contemplation and conversation to action. Harmonious and productive studying or brainstorming in early month can lead to professional advances in late month that might prove stable and long lasting.

ScorpioScorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
Scorpio: Marsí entry into Scorpio can unleash energies that may have felt bottled up for months. This could manifest physically, socially or creatively. Growth comes from applying the lessons of harmony and balance learned when Mars was in Libra. Otherwise, your intensity and passion could lead to clumsy mistakes.

SagittariusSagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)
Sagittarius: The transit of Jupiter can lead to feelings of openness and joy. This is a time to begin new adventures. This could take the form of a journey, undertaking a new course of study, taking a plunge into investments or seeking to develop spiritual awareness. Remember that this transit lasts for a year, so thereís no need to rush into anything.

CapricornCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Capricorn: The full Moon in Capricorn on the 12th can trigger an expression of emotion that may be unusual and feel uncomfortable. Growth comes from being willing to take some personal risks in this area. You might find that itís easier to do this, and more rewarding, than you might expect.

AquariusAquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19)
Aquarius: This is a time to do something practical. Putting the inspiring and experimental on hold for a few months can enable you to be more productive in areas such as career that may have been somewhat stagnant lately.

PiscesPisces (Feb 20-March 20)
Pisces: Creative energies abound for you this month in many ways and areas. In general, this is a time to enjoy your life and have fun. It could be in the arts, with children or your family in general. Confidence and clarity to self are available to accompany this playful time.

Rio Olesky has been a professional astrologer since 1976. He is the author of A Manual for the Modern Mystic and Astrology and Consciousness. He offers both private readings as well as classes for both beginning and intermediate students. To make an appointment for a reading or to find out more information about classes and lectures, call Rio at 707-887-1820. Check out his website:

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