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The Wheel of Light

Monthly Newsletter - June 2017

In the Perspectives 2017 talk I gave in January, I noted that there are some challenging transits coming up this year that could negatively impact the chart of the United States. This is one of those times.

One of the inherent challenges of the US chart is a square (90 degree relationship) between the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra. The Sun represents the leader, in this case the president. Saturn relates to the government itself, the laws and structure within which the president leads the executive branch. Throughout our history this has created a push-pull dynamic that is embodied in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. There have been times of contention between the branches yet that dynamic has also kept our democracy functioning without any of the branches dominating the political reality. When that square is activated by challenging transits, such as we experiencing at this time, the potential power struggle tends to feel more real.

The three prominent planetary transits are Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. They are in a T-square formation. Mars is in Cancer (conjunct the US Sun), and opposing transiting Pluto in Capricorn (which is opposing the US Sun). Both Mars and Pluto are squaring transiting Jupiter. Jupiter in turn is conjunct the US Saturn, hence activating the basic square in the US chart. This alignment suggests two potential expressions. First is the contention between the president and at least one other branch of the Federal Government. We have seen this already as the judiciary has stepped in to block Trump from certain executive orders pertaining to immigration. We have also seen it when the legislators in his own party prevented the implementation of Trumpcare as well as his idea of a budget. It's possible that one of these two scenarios manifests again this month.

There is another potential manifestation, however. Mars represents anger; Pluto represents rage and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Thus there is the possibility that this transiting T-square could coincide with the US becoming involved in hostilities with other nations. Note that Mars (anger, war) is conjunct the US Sun, which represents the president, and opposed by Pluto. Trump could feel cornered by ongoing investigations into his business or political activities (Pluto loves research) and lash out. Another possibility is that a judge or court prevents him from doing something. Saturn (limitation) is in Sagittarius (the legal system) right now and is in opposition to Trump's Sun and Uranus. He could respond to this restriction domestically by railing against the press or the Democrats or some other scapegoat. He could also respond internationally by initiating some conflict in the world that would serve to deflect attention from his own problems. I noted in the Perspectives talk that there are certain times this year when the US could initiate or escalate armed conflict. Here we are.

Another potential manifestation of this transiting T-square is that some hard evidence about his income taxes surfaces or his failure to completely recuse himself from his businesses becomes the head line story it should have been all along. The end result is that which is being revealed continues to erode whatever power and legitimacy he has left. We have learned long ago that he never apologizes or admits a mistake. The action that he normally takes is to blame others or to set the public discourse in a different and obscuring direction.

One of the things that has been encouraging since Trump's inauguration is the amount of protest and resistance emanating from people across this country. Another possible expression of this transiting T-square is that public voices demanding more transparency in our government and its leaders are finally heard in Congress. Jupiter is transiting through Libra, the sign of fairness, balance and equality. It is conjunct US Saturn, the lord of karma. Saturn in Libra prioritizes justice and can be quite punitive to those who are not playing by the rules.

This month could be a pivotal point in the direction of the current administration. For the rest of us, the potential for volatile expression is also present, even if not to the dire degree taking place politically. This is a time to be in touch with our anger. In so doing we should make sure that our expression of it is timely, appropriate and not excessive. This is not a time to overcome feelings of hostility by being nice. Nor is it beneficial to project our anger onto external situations and cry victim. This is a good time, however, to act on our feelings of being taken advantage of, or to protest someone else's attempt to disparage us unfairly in any way or for any reason. This is a good time to clear the air by letting negative emotions be expressed and released. This in turn can lead to a sense of new beginning, if not between ourselves and others then at least within ourselves. Initiating new behaviors that prioritize truth and honesty in our relationships is a good way to direct these transits this month.

AriesAries (March 21-April 20)
Aries: The build up of tension and potential hostility could be happening for you in late month. The challenge for you is to maintain your typical authenticity while developing more patience. You could feel like lashing out, perhaps in defense of those attacking you. Being measured in words and actions can promote real growth for you this month.

TaurusTaurus (April 21-May 21)
Taurus: Taurus: Your ruling planet, Venus, will enter Taurus on the 6th. That could trigger a relatively harmonious period for you. Artistic expression, aesthetic appreciation and interesting social activities could ensue for you during this time. Early month is a good time to initiate enjoyable, pleasurable activities.

GeminiGemini (May 22-June 21)
Gemini: Financial or social challenges could build up in late month. Some of the former may be due to excessive spending earlier. Resolution of the latter could require as much intuitive insight into the people and situations as it does logic and communication. Growth for you this month comes from working to integrate left and right brain information.

CancerCancer (June 22-July 22)
Cancer: The main themes for you this month are discipline and freedom. The more you are clear about your direction and goals, and the more you pursue them with diligence and sense of responsibility, the more the results of your efforts could bring inspiration. Feelings of liberation that accompany achievement can lead to a greater willingness to take some risks in the future.

LeoLeo (July 23-August 23)
Leo: Harmonious and fulfilling social opportunities in early month could give way to challenges or blockages in mid-month. Some of the difficulty may be due to a tendency to be too idealistic. Things can be resolved late month with intuitive awareness and communication clarity.

VirgoVirgo (August 24-Sept 22)
Virgo: Mid-month could bring an energetic push-pull, much of which is focused on work. There may be opportunities to be creative which could lead to recognition. However, there could also be obstacles that need to be overcome. Some of them may be due to higher-ups who may feel threatened, even though you are doing nothing to create this. Other problems may be due to responsibilities in your personal life that limit the time you spend dealing with the beneficial opportunities.

LibraLibra (Sept 23-Oct 23)
Libra: Early month brings unexpected opportunities for adventure and growth in significant relationships, either personal or professional. Growth can come from taking advantage of the opportunities while not getting overextended. This is a good time to let inhibitions go and take some exciting, if calculated, risks.

ScorpioScorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
Scorpio: Harmonious social activities need to be balanced by a clear understanding of the nature of those relationships relative to your actual needs in them. Failure to be realistic could lead to frustration and anger in late month. Growth can come from being open to others but not going overboard in your expectations.

SagittariusSagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)
Sagittarius: The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th could heighten emotional self-awareness and expression. It may not always be pleasant and harmonious, or readily embraced by others, but your honesty can lead to improving relationships over time.

CapricornCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Capricorn: The period of harmonious expansion continues for you this month. It may cause you to act outside your comfort zone and take risks you normally wouldn't take. These could pertain to being more emotionally open or to seek understanding of yourself on a deep, emotional, psychological level. This is a good time to be open to new spiritual or metaphysical information.

AquariusAquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19)
Aquarius: This is a time of harmony and integration for you. Harmony can come from creating or experiencing social activities in which you feel seen, valued and appreciated. Integration can come from feeling comfortable making commitments in some situations even as you maintain a certain reserve and independence in others.

PiscesPisces (Feb 20-March 20)
Pisces: Lots of good energy available to you this month. Some could be expressed socially, some intellectually and some physically. Growth can come from recognizing the opportunities and taking advantage of them without getting overextended, confused or drifting off in idealistic illusion. Accessing the physical potential could also open the door to new beginnings at work.

Rio Olesky has been a professional astrologer since 1976. He is the author of A Manual for the Modern Mystic and Astrology and Consciousness and The Astroreader. He offers both private readings as well as classes for both beginning and intermediate students. To make an appointment for a reading or to find out more information about classes and lectures, call Rio at 707-887-1820. Check out his website:

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