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The Wheel of Light

Monthly Newsletter - March 2008

There are two interesting planetary configurations this month. One could be extremely challenging and difficult to handle. The other is easier and quite lovely. The challenging, hence potentially growth producing one, is an opposition between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. This is actually the third time this aspect has occurred recently. The first was the end of September; the second was late December and then early January. What makes this time around easier to deal with is that we’ve already dealt with it. What can make it more difficult is that it will linger for a longer period, roughly the first two weeks of the month.

Oppositions suggest challenges from someone or something external to us. It could be a direct and personal confrontation, or it could indicate a set of circumstances that affect many other people. The difference will often depend on where the opposition appears in an individual horoscope. If it is along one of the prime axes (house cusps one and seven or four and ten) or if it activates one or more planets in the natal chart, the influence of the transit will be more personal.

The main challenge of this transit is how to deal with energies that are intense, passionate, assertive and physical. We must learn how to balance and integrate the energy of self (Mars) and the energy that is oriented toward transforming the self (Pluto). Mars represents courage and the drive to get involved in new activities. It tends to be self-affirming and direct in its approach to life. Pluto pertains to letting go of what is no longer needed or viable and replacing it with something meaningful and alive. The interaction between these planets challenges us to make sure that our actions are authentic to who we are and honest in the sharing of ourselves with others. This requires some type of internal self-analysis before doing anything. It is said that Mars is the warrior of the solar system. A warrior can be defined as someone who is, in a sense, doing battle with themselves. Making sure they know what they are doing and why and how they are doing it before doing anything at all. If we do that in the context of this transit, our growth will encompass increased self-awareness as well as positive, even profound relations with others.

This transit challenges us to assess at the deepest level possible our drives and motivation. To that end we could be confronted by someone who cares about us and who wants us to take stock of ourselves. It may feel uncomfortable to have our feet held to the fire, but, knowing the person and realizing that they have our best interests at heart, we do the work. This can be unpleasant, we might have to look at parts of ourselves that feel vulnerable, awkward and even shameful, but at least we feel supported. Or we could be challenged by someone or something in an unpleasant and impersonal way. There is no well-meaning support, just the demand to transform. In either case, if we do not respond in a growth oriented way, the result could be some type of volatile manifestation that could lead to significant loss. What gets lost could pertain to the house (areas of life experience) that those planets are transiting right now in your chart. It could be financial, relational (betrayal), professional (losing a job) or physical (illness). Or there could be a significant power struggle that could include coercion, intimidation or outright physical hostility.

We could also be the initiator of the confrontation. If so, we need to check ourselves in order to discover our motivation for this type of interaction. If we are being loving and supportive, pointing out a blind spot to someone whom we care about, that’s one thing. But if we are merely seeking to manipulate someone to do something we want them to do, that is likely to cause a rebound affect and the power struggle is on.

Another possibility is projection. We may be confronted about some part of ourselves that needs transformation, but rather than doing the work, we dump it on someone else. We could blame them for causing our problem or for pointing it out to us. In either case, not only is our work not getting done, but we are alienating others and creating more problems for ourselves.

One way to dissipate this energy is by engaging in physical activity. The more intense the better. This can enable us to focus the energy outward without getting confrontational. It can also provide a time each day to contemplate those parts of ourselves that need transforming. Intense and meaningful dialogue could also lead to the necessary transformations at this time. And, if a relationship is already honest, meaningful, and intimate this is a transit that can promote profound changes through sexual connection.

The other transit is a conjunction between Mercury (communication) and Venus (relationship and aesthetics). This can lead to delightful, harmonious creative expression especially through writing, speaking or signing. It can also promote conversation that is polite and thoughtful. In early month these planets are in Aquarius, implying the possibility of experimentation and innovation in both sociability and the arts. The latter part of the month these planets shift into Pisces. This would be more oriented toward the creative than the social, but could suggest that the social activities involve humanitarian service impelled by feelings of compassion for others.

Usually we are more aware of the difficult and challenging transits than we are of the pleasant and harmonious. This month offers the opportunity to do the work implied by the challenges of Mars-Pluto with consideration and tact. We could also combine these aspects by challenging ourselves to dig deeply into our own inner being. In the process we can transform those elements of ourselves and our lives that need to be shifted. We could also look within to discover the inspiration and the tools to express ourselves creatively.

AriesAries (March 21-April 20)
Since Mars is your ruling planet, the challenges and confrontations of the Mars-Pluto opposition could get personal. Mars is transiting through Cancer, a sign notable for its warmth and sensitivity. These are generally not qualities associated with Aries. So growth for you this month, and effective ways of responding to the difficulties, comes from being more emotionally self-aware and more caring and nurturing toward others.

TaurusTaurus (April 21-May 21)
Venus is your ruling planet, so the conjunction between it and Mercury could be useful in promoting both your social and creative outlets. In general the connections with others could be either work related or with people who are more acquaintances than friends. Artistically, this is a good time to explore new ways of expressing yourself. Taking some risks in either area can lead to growth for you this month.

GeminiGemini (May 22-June 21)
This is a good month to expand your horizons. Traveling with a good companion can help to develop or deepen the relationship. Exploring new avenues of artistic expression, perhaps by taking a class or at least some lessons, is another way to enhance the pleasurable potential of the times. Mid-month could bring challenges to your ideas or points of view. Respond by looking for the deeper meaning.

CancerCancer (June 22-July 22)
This could be a month of conflict and contentiousness. When faced with confrontation Cancer will often disappear into their shell. Growth for you this month comes from standing your ground, overcoming feelings of vulnerability to the point that you be more self-affirming. Similarly, if others are carelessly and needlessly hurting your feelings, be willing to confront them and let them know how their words and actions are affecting you.

LeoLeo (July 23-August 23)
Mid-late month could bring the challenges alluded to above. If they are directed at your personally, it could be because you are coming across with too much a sense of entitlement or simply being insensitive to others. If the difficulties are not so personal, respond by checking out your perspectives on life, especially those that pertain to your ethics. You could be either too idealistic or too cynical and this is a good time to correct either extreme.

VirgoVirgo (August 24-Sept 22)
Early month brings the opportunity to explore and develop new skills that would be useful either in your work or in maintaining a healthy daily routine. Later month the focus shifts to one-to-one relationship. This is a good time to really open your heart to someone and to feel a sense of devotion and unconditional love being shared by you and your partner.

LibraLibra (Sept 23-Oct 23)
Some challenges for you this month, perhaps peaking around the full Moon in Libra on the 21st. This is a time to temporarily set aside your eternal quest for harmony. It may be necessary to “get down and dirty” and respond to unpleasant confrontations or to set someone straight about how their lack of consciousness is effecting you. On the positive side, your communication skills are very strong all month, so their should be no problem in being understood.

ScorpioScorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio, so the opposition between them could be quite intense, and the outcome quite profound for you. Activities involving education, travel and philosophy are areas where the challenges could come from. They could also be areas in which you confront someone else. In either case, the point is to learn from the experience, changing attitudes and perspectives, not to beat your opponent into submission.

SagittariusSagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)
You are one of the few signs that could avoid the difficulties this month. If they do surface, it could be in the financial area. If this happens, respond with innovative thinking and a new approach to the problem. Even if there are no obvious challenges, this is good month to step outside the usual parameters of your life and to be open to the unexpected.

CapricornCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
You could feel as if others are not listening to you, or really hearing what you are trying to convey. Similarly you could feel somewhat blocked or alienated socially. Growth for you this month comes from being selective about who you spend time with. Analyze your thoughts and understand your ideas before sharing them with others. This is more a period of refinement that enables you to avoid or at least minimize outright confrontation.

AquariusAquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19)
An extremely harmonious month for you. Creativity could abound and social interaction should prove harmonious and fulfilling. This is a good time to expand your social circle or enhance pre-existing relationships with new and exciting activities. Growth for you comes from taking advantage of these energies and not overlooking them because they can be easily utilized.

PiscesPisces (Feb 20-March 20)
Unexpected shifts in spiritual awareness, creative inspiration or social opportunities could be your experience this month. Growth for you comes from taking advantage of these influences. You may be surprised how easily and effortlessly you open up to others and vice-versa. Similarly your artistic output could feel fresh and exciting. This is a good time to experiment in ways and areas that may usually feel uncomfortable to you.

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