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Classes Archive

You can see past classes and buy MP3 files by contacting Rio.

Tuesday Nite Schedule

January-April 2019

January 8: PERSEPCTIVES 2019 at Luther Burbank
January 15: What to Look for When Following Transits
January 22: The Saturn Cycle
January 29: Saturn-Pluto Aspects, Natally and by Transit

February 5: An Alaskan Natal Chart in Different House Systems
February 12: Hellenistic Concepts: The Doctrine of Sects
February 19: Hellentistic Concepts: Bontification, Maltreatment and Overcoming
February 26: Sexuality Revealed in the Natal Chart

March 5: How to Interpret a Natal Chart
March 12: How to Interpret a Natal Chart
March 19: The Grand Trine
March 26: The Grand Square

April 2: Water Houses, Including the Nadir
April 9: Earth Houses, Including the Midheaven
April 14: Chart Shapes: The Bowl
April 23: NO CLASS
April 30: The Vertex, Anaretic Degrees and Out of Bounds Planets

Held at New Horizons School
827 Third St., Santa Rosa, CA
7-9 PM Every Week
MP3 files of each class available ($5)


Rio Olesky